Monitoring refers to the collection of information (quantitative and qualitative) related to the potential effects of stormwater within the stormwater network and in the receiving environment.

The primary objective of monitoring is to determine compliance, that is, whether the environmental, quantity and cultural objectives set out, for example, in a stormwater management plan or in consent conditions are being met. It also provides a system for further investigation and/or remedial works to take place to ensure that all reasonable and practicable steps are being taken to work towards achievement of the receiving environment objectives.

Monitoring programmes also provide information that can be used for other purposes, such as to refine and improve stormwater management practices. However, the primary objective of compliance remains and should be determine the location, frequency and types of information monitored.

While monitoring programmes are specific to the device or environment being measured, a comprehensive document covering design of stormwater monitoring programmes has been prepared by NIWA for Environment Southland (February 2014)

Design of Stormwater Monitoring Programmes: Technical Report (PDF 968 KB)